David Morrison: Palestine


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Aug 6,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel in Gaza since 2005

Aug Israel makes war on Gaza - again

Jul Biden backs normalisation without a Palestinian state

Jul The Helen Thomas question

Jul Yair Lapid to move into home that Arabs fled in 1948


Feb The ICC says it has jurisdiction in the occupied territories


Jun European Court of Human Rights upholds right to boycott Israel

Feb Trump’s “vision” for Israel/Palestine


Mar Trump's Golan Heights decision: Endorsing illegal annexation


Aug The ICC acquires jurisdiction over the crime of aggression

Jul The ICC Prosecutor warns Israel about Gaza killings

May The attack on Syria by the US, UK and France was aggression

Mar Israel complains about violation of its sovereignty while being a serial violator

Mar Israel complains about violation of its sovereignty while being a serial violator


Dec Israel must be forced to end the occupation, or there will be no Palestinian state


Nov Is the ICC going to prosecute Israelis for the assault on the Mavi Marmara?

Nov Without sanctions against Israel, the 'two-state solution' is dead

Jan Palestine joins the ICC

Jan A little legal restraint on Israel at last?


Nov Is UK policy shifting on Israel?

Aug Gaza: Facts the BBC doesn't tell us

Aug Implement the Agreement on Movement and Access NOW

Aug Will Israel implement an agreement with Hamas? History suggests NO

Jul Gaza: Nobody needed to die

Jul Gaza: Israeli and Palestinian fatalities


Dec Britain says every state should join the ICC - apart from Palestine

Nov The elephants in the room: Israel's weapons of mass destruction


Sep Netanyahu's dangerous game

May Ireland may propose an EU ban on settlement goods


Dec UNESCO membership for Palestine

Oct The Palestinian UN initiative

Mar Hamas won the January 2006 Palestinian elections


Nov Is Hamas opposed to a "two-state solution"?

Oct Allowing the thief to negotiate with his victim


Dec No Palestinians or Israelis needed to die

Dec Obama bows to Israel

Jul On the road to a two-state solution?

Jul The Wall must come down

Jul How Israel torpedoed its ceasefire with Hamas to produce a casus belli

Jul FACTSHEET: How Israel torpedoed its ceasefire with Hamas to produce a casus belli

Jun Is Obama serious about a Palestinian state?

Jun The elephant in the room: Israel's nuclear weapons


Sep Israeli military occupation is not a bar to EU partnership

Jul There has to be democracy in Zimbabwe, says Gordon Brown (but not in Palestine - or Saudi Arabia)

Jul Israel deals with Hamas

Jul EU-Israel relations "upgraded": Birthday present for a rogue state

Jul Israel continues to violate Palestinian human rights, says Salam Fayyad

Jul Victory for the Raytheon 9

Apr The historic wrong in Palestine

Apr Palestine: The EU, and Ireland, follow the US

Apr Ireland and the Last Crusade by Pat Walsh

Mar Israel is a rogue state, which is violating over 30 UN Security Council resolutions

Mar Correspondence with Israeli Embassy on UN Security Council resolutions being violated by Israel

Mar The British Government runs scared of Israel

Feb How the EU helps Israel to strangle Gaza

Jan Bush's "end to Israeli occupation"


Nov Properties in Jewish settlements on sale in London

Oct The UN Secretary-General has toed US line on Middle East

Sep Palestine: Only an appearance of US action

Sep Quartet envoy Blair sold a pup?

Sep Lebanon: Israel's violations of Resolution 1701

Sep The Foreign Affairs Committee: Shifting ground on the Middle East

Jul Democracy in Palestine, American style

Apr The National Unity Government: The �international community� rejects democracy

Mar The Mecca Agreement: A setback for Israel and its supporters


Oct The Lebanon campaign: No way to go to war, says Ya�alon

Sep Hezbollah wins

Sep (Not) Why Israel attacked Lebanon

Sep The Lebanese Government statement

Sep Resolution 1701: Diplomatic cover for a climb-down

Jul Israel: The West stands idly by

Jul The Palestinian prisoners' document

Mar Hamas speaks

Feb Hamas wins


Mar Lebanon & other tales of the onward march of "freedom & democracy"

Feb Hamas wins in Gaza

Feb "Freedom and democracy" American-style

Jan Iraq & Israel: Double Standards


Aug Wall illegal, says ICJ

Aug ICJ Advisory Opinion: A summary


Dec Iran & Israel: Double standards on nuclear weapons

Dec Michael Howard on Palestine

Jul Iraq & Israel: Double standards on UN resolutions