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A Dangerous Delusion: Why the West is Wrong about Nuclear Iran (April 2013).

Some facts about Iran's nuclear activities (May 2012)
Blair's legacy: Hundreds of thousands dead, Britain less safe (Feb 2007)
Hezbollah wins (Nov 2006)
Iraq WAS a US ally in the "war on terror" (Nov 2006)
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Iraq: How regime change was dressed up as disarmament (Dec 2005)
The London bombings: Britain's blood price (Jul 2005)
Iraq: Lies, Half-truths & Omissions (2nd edition, May 2004)
Iraq: Lies, Half-truths & Omissions (1st edition, Nov 2003)
The Lockerbie trial: A perverse verdict (Mar 2001)
Kosovo: Lies, Half-truths & Omissions (Nov 2000)

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Israel complains about violation of its sovereignty while being a serial violator

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