David Morrison


I was born in Northern Ireland and studied physics at Queens University, Belfast, being awarded a doctorate in 1968.

While a student I became active in the Civil Rights movement which sought to achieve full political and social rights for the Catholic minority community within Northern Ireland. I have been active in politics ever since.

Since 9/11, I have produced a plethora of articles and pamphlets on Western interference in the Muslim world, all of which are available on this website. These include two pamphlets on the deception perpetrated by the British government to induce the British public to support military action against Iraq:

Iraq: Lies, half-truths & omissions

Iraq: How regime change was dressed up as disarmament

Of the latter, George Galloway said: "This document in any just world would be enough to impeach and imprison Tony Blair for entering into a conspiracy with a foreign power to wage an illegal war and to lie to his own people and parliament in order to do so".

I have also tracked the West’s decade long punishment of Iran on the spurious grounds that it has a nuclear weapons programme and in 2013, with Peter Oborne of the London Telegraph, I co-authored a book A Dangerous Delusion: Why the West is Wrong about Nuclear Iran.

I am the Political Officer for Sadaka: The Ireland Palestine Alliance, for which I write briefings and papers.

You can contact me here.