Vote to give


a bloody nose


Vote to give Blair a bloody nose.This is the only sensible principle to apply in the general election.


He has been guilty of deception about Iraq on a par with Edenís prior to Suez.From the outset he assured the US administration that he was unflinching in his support for regime change while continually assuring the House of Commons that his objective was merely disarmament.


If he gets back into power without his majority at least being severely reduced, then it will only confirm him in his righteous certainty and encourage him to engage in further adventures.


So, vote for the candidate who is most likely to defeat the Labour candidate.If that means voting Liberal Democrat, vote Liberal Democrat.If that means voting Conservative, then vote Conservative.That may be painful, but it has to be done.


And, of course, vote George Galloway in Bethnal Green & Bow.



David Morrison

April 2005